We love what we do and it shows.  From innovative technology to personal connection our staff shows that education need not be cold and impersonal. Our highly qualified instructors bring energy, humour, and excitement to their work.  Their diverse backgrounds in massage therapy, medicine, science, physiotherapy, chiropractic, business and ethics make all the difference to our program. They are dedicated to excellence, and engaged in their work. Come and meet them in person.

Roxanne Petruk RMT
Executive Director
Nancy Ashley
Dr Puneet Arora MD
Academic Director
Robynne Madill RMT
Practical Director
Terry Francis RMT
Clinical Director
Debbie McLaughlin B.Sc., RMT
Clinical Coordinator, Research
Claudia Richard RMT
Sports Massage, Clinical Theory and Practice, Clinic
Doug Fairweather BA. RMT.
Neuromuscular Therapy
John Zandvliet RMT.
Joint Mobilizations
Katherine Reiber
Advanced Techniques
Katie Fairles BSc RMT
Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Pathology
Kevin Leco PhD.
Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Integrated Science
Kennedy Wirachowski RMT
Joint Mobilizations, Massage Theory and Practice
Kathleen Dubois RMT
Liaison Support Coordinator
Michael Williams PhD
Musculosketal Anatomy
Odean Hume-Smith RMT
Clinical Assessment
Sheryl Hamilton BSc RMT
Corbett McCabe RMT
Advanced Myofascial Techniques
Tina Windrem RMT
Hydrotherapy, Massage Theory & Practise, Clinic
Jenna Paddock BA, RMT
Myofascial Palpation, MS lab
Tara Fulop RMT
MTP 2, Clinical Supervisor
Josiane Maillet RMT
Clinical theory and Practise, Musculoskeketal Anatomy lab
Patricia Dyck RMT
Clinical Theory & Practice, Integrated Science Teacher's Assistant
Glenn LeBlonde RMT
Clinic, Advanced Techniques
Heather Taylor RMT
Infant Massage
Lani Peters RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Rio Levan RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Sam Panter RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Sandra Gurney RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Luke Cockwell RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Sheila Hobbs RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Shaun Lamont RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Vicky Bhardwaj RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Tara Harpnick RMT
Clinical Supervisor
Meagan Surerus RMT
Lab Assistant, Clinical Supervisor
Timmy Sareen
Human Science and College Preparation
Pamela Joyce Rose M.Ed, PDP (Ed), B.A.
Program Advisory Committee- Chair
David Sheets RRT, ID, MA
Program Advisory Committee
Steve Hofmann DC, BKin
Program Advisory Committee
Chris Spooner N.D. B.Sc.
Program Advisory Committee
Jane Lister BA, MBA
Program Advisory Committee
Lindsay Walllis RMT
Program Advisory Committee
Christopher Macdonald RMT
Program Advisory Committee
Megan Beaton RMT
Program Advisory Committee

Management Team

Administrative Support Team

Student Supervisory Team