Engage your hands! Engage your mind! Engage your future!  OV  is dedicated to Massage Therapy and has proven their  commitment  to educating therapists by becoming  the first Nationally Accredited Registered Massage Therapy program in Canada.

OV's  Mastery level program has met the rigorous standards of the  the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation and were first  to attain this honour.  Our focus on student engagement, critical thinking and  our extensive clinical experience has allowed us to graduate well rounded professionals since 1994, it's our passion that makes the difference.

What We Offer

  • For the best combination of lifestyle and learning, OV is your route to a life-changing and rewarding health care career.
  • Comprehensive 2 year program
  • Nationally recognized training
  • Unparalleled academic and practical instruction
  • Extensive Patient outreach clinical practicum and student clinic experience
  • Bachelor of Health Science Degree credits option
  •  2 month break plus 4 or 5 weeks holiday each year

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