Term 2 Launch: In the second term of their RMT program at OV, students eagerly transition into the student clinic. The heart of the preparation lies in Clinic Prep Day, where the clinical team leaves no stone unturned.. This hands-on approach ensures that students are not just theoretically prepared but are confident. The clinical team walks students through everything – from the nitty-gritty of reception duties to perfecting the art of saying hi to patients.  Student therapists get the lowdown on clinic procedures and learn the not-so-secret RMT skill of folding sheets like a pro. It's hands-on, it's practical, and it's the real deal.

Mock Scenarios and Interactive Learning: The highlight of Clinic Prep Day is the opportunity for students to practice charting and interview skills in a mock setting. This interactive experience simulates real-life scenarios, allowing students to fine-tune their skills before the arrival of actual patients.

Fun and Confidence: Far from being a daunting experience, Clinic Prep Day at OVCMT is infused with an air of excitement and fun. The interactive sessions create an engaging atmosphere, allowing students to absorb information in a memorable and enjoyable way. As the day progresses, students find themselves fully confident in their ability to embark on their journey as student therapists. This interactive learning style makes the whole experience fun, and by the end of the day, students are feeling like they can totally rock this student therapist thing.

Continued Support in Second Year: : But hold on, it doesn't end there. The second year brings its own set of adventures. In second year Students dive into OV’s unique clinical In- reach rotation program and  are provided with another full day of In-reach preparation. This prepares them for  rotating through treatments for every age and stage that they will see in their in-reach and out-reach rotations.

  So, there you have it – Clinic Prep Day at OVCMT is a key ingredient to prepare students for the student clinic experience. With a mix of casual activities and serious prep, OVCMT is setting students up for success in the world of massage therapy