It’s the best of the summer. Lazy days at the beach, hanging out at your favorite cafe… but creeping up in the back of your mind is just a little niggle, the start of a small, excited feeling when you think about fall .  Most of us spent our whole  childhoods heading off the school in September. New clothes, new books new pens, and making new friends.  So it’s natural to have that ingrained sense  of  anticipation  as the summer draws to a close.

 Next week we will have a full campus of  students. New students just meeting each other for the first time, and  returning students connecting after a well-deserved break.  We are busy scrubbing walls , painting, fixing skeletons, ordering supplies and looking forward to the familiar buzz of student life.  

 If you’ve been thinking of a career change, or choosing a path after a relaxing summer break, it’s a good time to think about the New Year.  The New Year!?! What am I talking about New Years for?  Well, that is the date of the next intake for our  Registered Massage Therapy diploma.  January is a great time to head back to school to study massage therapy, and it’s really only 4 months away.  We often get calls from students thinking they will have to wait until next September to start training for their dream career, but  that’s not the case.  Now is a great time to start the application process, come for a tour, or sit in on a virtual information session.  The great thing about our fabulous Okanagan location is the mild winters.  We have  lots of recreation such as cross country and downhill skiing  just 20 minutes away at Silver Star Mountain. Ther is snowshoeing, hiking and our downtown campus  is located by a ton of cozy café’s  just perfect  for sipping a latte and studying anatomy.

 Some students ask about the differences between the September and the January intake.  Easy answer.  They are exactly the same!  You get the same exceptional  instructors, the same clinical rotation experience, the same great community,  and our over 29 years of experience in making great therapists. The only small  difference  is usually  that class sizes in January are typically  25-30 students, and September is 35-40 students.  Can’t decide? Give us a call and talk to our admissions coordinator. She will ensure you get all your questions answered, and can walk you through the ins and outs of the application process. 

So, If you’re getting that excited niggle about pursuing your dreams, connect with us today and make your move into the rewarding  career of a  Registered Massage Therapist!