Like many colleges, Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy. strives to deliver complex material in bite sized pieces to engage students. Reading in depth research papers can be daunting for students without advanced degrees, so tools that make it more accessible are important.

The Massage Therapy Foundation’s series of infographics creates a visually appealing research snapshot that engages students, and supplements information found in current and older textbooks.

 MTF infographic posters, provide links with additional information and study details, to make research more understandable to readers.  This feeds a curiosity that inspires students to learn more.

An interest in research at the student level will continue with them into their careers, and to participation and attendance at conferences like the Massage Therapy Foundations - International massage therapy research conference which showcases new and exciting research in the massage therapy field..

Conferences like this inspire attendees to contribute to research as clinicians, participants, and possibly to pursue further education in research. Research helps shape the practices and knowledge base of future massage therapists and of the massage therapy profession.

We were thrilled to see two new infographics at the MTF booth to further expand our campus collection. It is critically important that students are aware of the lapses in evidence for previously held theories, as well as being aware of new research coming forward. We feel being evidence informed therapist isn’t just “nice”, it’s essential.

The newest infographics explore the impact of massage therapy for pain, through a systematic review and meta-analysis of research control trials, and research on integrative approaches for massage therapy care for cancer patients.

 Providing evidence informed, client centered care is something every student and massage therapist should be excited about!

Thanks, MTF for your work and your resources.

It’s appreciated!