The sun is shining and there's  a gentle breeze flipping the ends of my hair in my face as I look out over the water. I am at one of two beaches less than 10 minutes from our college campus. The other beach, which is quieter, is frequented by yoga classes and other activities under the tall trees that line the shore. It’s a great study spot, but I prefer a bit more action.

Today we are at Kalamalka lakes main beach with its busy surf shop, café, pub, and long dock. I am looking out at the mountain valley, and the beautiful lake, and I can’t think of a better classroom!

Today is beach day at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy

On beach day, the entire student body has classes on the beach. It’s a day to meet people in other classes that you might not have talked to before, and make new friends, while learning in new and creative ways.

Beach Day was an annual event before the pandemic, and this is our first year back! In addition to working with established curriculum, Beach Day is an exploration of the social constructivist theory of learning. This includes elements of cooperation, team building, and places value on the collective knowledge and critical thinking abilities of the participants. These are fundamental skills when learning massage therapy, and in meeting the national standards for massage therapy education for which OV prides itself for being the first in Canada, and the highest marks ever achieved.

OVCMT was the first school in Canada to achieve National Accreditation and has been a front runner in high quality education since its inception in 1994. Having always and only been located in BC, its foundations are built from a clear understanding of the provincial requirements to practice, and all courses and material are centered around the 2 important benchmarks: successfully passing the provincial exams and successful entry into the field as a competent and confident RMT.  We prepare students for the real world!

With OV’s leadership team being registered massage therapists themselves, and more than 40 faculty positioned to offer their knowledge, skills and expertise, students have a wide range of learning opportunities within the 2-year program.

Beach day is just one example of the creative  methods OVCMT uses to engage and inspire the next generation of RMT’s.

Is massage therapy in your future?  

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