Are you ready to become a Registered Massage Therapy Student?

School was never my strong point. I moved out during high school and found myself struggling to keep up with my academics and eventually had to drop out of Biology 12. I managed to graduate in 2014 but was unfortunately left with an underwhelming transcript that surely would not catch any University’s eye! Fortunately, I possessed determination, dedication and a strong work ethic that allowed me to become the person I WANTED to be, not the person I WAS.

Deciding to go back to school was not easy but it was worth it.

I wanted to provide a list of goals that I set for myself before I applied to the massage therapist program. These goals have been the foundation to my success as a student therapist and I wanted you to have the opportunity to have them as reference.

  1. Have a plan:  My decision to go back to school was a two-year process. I wrote down, step-by-step what I needed to have done before I committed to an education.
  2. Pay off some debt- Money is hard. I worked 12-hour night shifts to pay off the majority of my debt so that I would feel less distracted by financial concerns during school.
  3. Get stable- I moved to Vernon and found a basement suite in a comfortable location with supportive Landlords and an extremely supportive partner (you will be busy!! Make sure your partner knows this)
  4.  Book an appointment at the student clinic: I booked an appointment with a student therapist at the OVCMT clinic where I was able to get an affordable massage while gaining firsthand student advice.
  5. TAKE THE BIO PREP COURSE/ upgrade: PLEASE, take the Bio Prep course provided by OVCMT. Unless you have a Biology Degree this is going to build your foundation for your entire first year.
  6. Decide what YOUR why is: Your personal growth is going to be stressful and uncomfortable at times. You are not alone. There will be moments of defeat and that is okay! Before enrolling for school, ask yourself what your WHY is?  Are you doing this for money or job security? Are you doing this for your children? Do you enjoy helping people in need? Whatever your reason, be sure to remember this throughout your OVCMT program.

OVCMT has been one of my proudest accomplishments. I love my cohort, my instructors and the life I am creating for myself.


Are you ready?


-Tamika Cote