Do you believe healthcare is about health and care? Do you want to help people manage their muscle and joint conditions without the need for excessive pain medication? Do you want to help people live life to the fullest  through manual methods such as massage, exercise, stretching and  hydrotherapy? Do you want to help people improve their function and performance? Do you have a passion for the human body, and  it's inner workings?

So do we!

Do you want a satisfying career while working  with complete control and flexibility and earning  excellent pay for your work?

So do we!

When looking at our students we see  a passion that propels them forward fueled by the attributes that make a great  massage therapist:

  • You want to treat health care conditions in your patients
  • You enjoy working with people and make them feel comfortable
  • You are self-motivated
  • You have a sense of empathy
  • You have excellent manual dexterity and physical stamina
  • You love to learn

 If Massage Therapy is in your future get ready for an intense 2 years. We are here to help you reach your goals!