The best things in life are not free

Yes, you heard me... not free. The best things in life often require hard work and dedication. Relationships, Children, Career success.... the best things about life don’t just happen, especially significant life achievements. They require what I would call “sweat equity”, as in hard work, long hours and sometimes even tears of frustration, failures, repeats, and unexpected hiccups.  It requires determination, self discipline, positive self talk and planning. We have to get comfortable with being out of our comfort zone.  What’s the old saying? “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs!”  But then you reap the benefits! Take registered massage therapy education. Becoming a Registered Massage therapist is “breaking a few eggs” whether you are coming from a successful career and stepping back into the role of student, or you are heading off to college for the first time. Post secondary education can be challenging, but then there’s the added element of being assessed under pressure!! Who didn’t sweat during their first oral practical examination? I know I did!  We ask students to stretch themselves.... sometimes it's in sciences, sometimes it is hands on, and sometimes it’s challenging our old patterns of communication in favour of developing our “professional selves” . How fortunate we are to have students willing to stretch themselves out of their comfort zones, and instructors willing to do the same. At OV we make great therapists!

Break eggs with us.... We love making omelets!