Practical Director, Instructor, Research Adviser

Robynne Kingswood Practical Director, Instructor, Research Adviser

Credentials: RMT
Professional Development:

Certifications in Acupuncture, Hot Stone, Reflexology.

Why I Teach:

I never learn more than when with the amazing students in our programs. 10+ years of working with material is always a new experience when polarized through the questions and critical thinking of the next generation of therapists. It is inspirational on a daily basis to watch our profession expand and strengthen. OVCMT's student focused approach ensures that as an educator, I am always supported to make good, and even dramatic education choices for students in order to fulfill our primary objective - support the learning needs of the student in all we do. It's a great environment to work in, and a privilege to be a part of this community.

What Students May Not Know:

My first textbook was as a result of a student loosing $5,000 which broke my heart. I'm currently working on a second text with has guest authors including Fiona Rattray, Don Dillon and Anne Ruebottom. I first became exposed massage after being a seriously injured athlete, requiring chiropractic and massage in order to continue activities of daily living, let alone maintain a training schedule.


Robynne joined OVCMT in 2014, teaches Communication and Ethics, Jurisprudence, Business and is acting Practical Director. In addition to teaching, Robynne is in private practice, conducts research and writes occasionally.