Practicum Director

Francis Terry Practicum Director

Credentials: RMT
Professional Development:

Current Standard 1st Aid Level C with CPR and AED Clinical Reasoning and Practical Integration – Module 1 – Low Back & Pelvis Clinical Reasoning and Practical Integration – Module 7 – IASTM Lower Body Clinical Reasoning and Practical Integration – Module 8 – IASTM Upper Body Applied Somatics for the Tilting Body Applied Somatics for the Arching Body Joint Mobilizations/Assessment Resisted Muscle Testing and Special Tests for the Cervical Spine Human Anatomy Pro-Section; Upper Extremity Myofascial Assessment and Treatment - Lumbosacral “R.O.O.D.” Techniques Osteopathic Techniques Muscle Energy for the Neck Muscle Balance and Function - Level 1 Workshops Communication Scaffolding The Principles of Non-violent communication Helping students with Critical thinking in the clinical environment Range of Motion Why Arms and Leg Matter: Their Role in Creating Back Pain Student Fundamentals to Accurate and Effective Charting Introduction to Polarity Technique Improving our Clinical Charting Workshop Let’s Say It Right Part 2: Good Boundaries and Sturdy Guidelines for Communication Challenges Enhancing our Learning, Communication Skills for Therapists “Responding to Challenging Students: Knowing your Style” Assessment Theories & Palpation “Considering the role of supervisor: Mentoring & Modeling “ Conferences 2010 Seattle International Massage Therapy Research Conference 2016 Seattle International Massage Therapy Research Conference

Why I Teach:

Working at OVCMT allows me to have the best of both worlds; working with the students and the interesting and diversified group of professionals here and to practice in my own massage clinic working one-on-one with patients. I really enjoy the dynamic environment as we are all learning from each other.

What Students May Not Know:

I love motorbikes; I have had both street bikes and dirt bikes in the past. When I retire I would like to bike across Canada with my husband. I love history! I plan to visit Europe in the near future so that I can explore some of the rich history. The best quote this year: Sometimes shifting your perspective is better than being smart 


I graduated from OVCMT in 1997 and then joined the staff in 1999 as a Clinic Supervisor. One thing leads to another and I have been the Clinical Director here for the past 12 years. They haven’t been able to get rid of me so I have enjoyed growing and learning here for the last 17 years. Many OVCMT employees have been here long term and this speaks to the high quality environment.