Outreach Supervisor

Credentials: B.A, B.Ed (UVic), RMT
Professional Development:

Dr Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy III, Medical Taping for Lymphedema, KinesioTaping Basic Level, Certified in Graston Technique

Why I Teach:

The best part of supervising students in an area that is so familiar to me is the enthusiasm and fresh outlook that is offered to me through questions. Students ask insightful questions that often challenge me to think and take apart what I do automatically in clinical practice. This experience with students keeps me current and in the process teaches me new things! I also believe that knowledge and clinical experience should be shared: supervising offers me a way to give back to a profession that has been very good to me over the years.

What Students May Not Know:

When not at my clinic or at home enjoying my family and my garden, I am most happy riding my Harley, exploring BC and beyond. Life is too short to be a passenger.


Ruth graduated from OVCMT in 2007 and is currently in private practice at Easthill Physiotherapy and Acupuncture. The focus of her practice is management of post surgical lymphedema and scars. She joined OVCMT staff as a clinical supervisor in 2014 and most recently as a supervisor for the Scar and Cancer Outreach.