In-reach Supervisor

Jenny McFarlen In-reach Supervisor

Credentials: RMT, Ligament Articular Strain Technique (LAST), and continuing TMJ and Myofascial training.
Why I Teach:

I work at OVCMT because initially I found it challenged me in new ways that were incredible, and then I saw the transformations that some students have from the knowledge that I passed on and it was incredibly gratifying to be a part of that process.

What Students May Not Know:

I traveled Australia for nearly 7 months when I finished school, then lived on a ski hill for 4 years when I came home. Once I moved downtown I welcomed a beautiful baby girl in May of 2016.


Jenny McFarlen was drawn to the Okanagan in 2008 from Vancouver Island to take the RMT program with OVCMT. She joined the staff at OVCMT in 2014 as a Practicum Supervisor while maintaining her massage practice at Rose City Wellness in Vernon.