Instructor - Myofascial

Corbett McCabe Instructor - Myofascial

Credentials: RMT (from OVCMT 2010), BA (First Nations Studies from the First Nations University 2000)
Professional Development:

Fascial Integration Series with Natale Rao

Why I Teach:

I teach to help our students become exposed to working with and treating fascia. I am passionate to continue learning about our bodies, and being able to share some of my experiences. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to learn and teach.

What Students May Not Know:

I have a dual citizenship in Canada and Ireland. I Played lacrosse for Ireland in the 2002 World Lacrosse Championships. The past 6 years I have coached and competed in Judo and I also go to a Sundance ceremony every summer near LaRonge Saskatchewan.


I am a father of two son that are 18 and 14. I have been working in Revelstoke for

the past 6 year and I currently have a practice at West Kelowna Massage Therapy.

I began teaching as a TA for Natale Rao in 2015 and began teaching the

Myofascial course in January 2016.