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Position: Clinical Theory and PractisePosted: 2019-01-30

This posting posting is a 1 year maternity leave with the possibility of  a permanent posting after 1 year

Start date: Sept 2019

Clinical Theory and Practice is a senior level synthesis class running 3 times a week, encompassing palpation, applied musculoskeletal anatomy, assessment, and massage therapy treatments for various conditions and applying an understanding of associated pathologies as applicable.  This class includes orthopedic testing for differentiation and confirmation of clinical impression, and incorporates the use of all theory and techniques taught prior to, and in conjunction with this class including; Joint Mobilization, Neuromuscular Therapy, Fascial techniques,  Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise.

Qualifications:  RMT with broad professional experience and preferably post secondary teaching experience. Familiarity with all clinical and oral practical CMTBC resources and competencies. Rigorous knowledge in the above subject areas, including an awareness of, and interest in evidence based practice. Training in adult education theory and technique is an asset. Participation in continuing education in adult learning required.

  We are committed to providing the highest quality education in massage therapy in a supportive, positive team  environment.  We have a culture like no other and it shows!!

Contacts: Roxanne Petruk, Executive Director, Robynne Kingswood Practical Director



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Position: Massage Theory and Practise 1 & 2Posted: 2019-01-30

Massage Theory and Practice is a first year synthesis courses running multiple times a week through first year.  MTP 1 introduces Swedish massage, draping, charting and then takes first term concepts and techniques, and further explores their application in MTP2 with conditions including sprains, strains, inflammatory conditions, contusions and other entry level pathogies.  Integration of Myofascial, Neuro Muscular Therapy, and Hydrotherapy are expected through critical thinking and application of prior learning. Applicants can apply for either or both of these courses.

Qualifications:  You are an RMT with broad professional experience, a desire to share your knowledge with students, and an understanding of the entry level to practise competencies. You have a passion for continuous learning, and preferably post secondary teaching experience. You have a strong body of knowledge in the above subject areas, including an awareness of, and interest in evidence based practice. Training in adult education theory and technique is an asset, and participation in continuing education in adult learning required.

2019 celebrates our 25th year of training excellent massage therapists.   We are committed to providing the highest possible education in a supportive, positive environment, integrating academic content, practical skills, and the application of critical thinking. If this sounds like you we would love to talk. We offer competitive wages and an opportunity to participate in our benefits plan.  Make 2019 your best year ever!  At OV- We make great therapists! 

Contact Practical Director Robynne Kingswood   to discuss this great opportunity.

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Lab Assistant

Position: Integrated SciencePosted: 2019-01-31

Job Posting- Integrated Science Lab Assistant

Start Date:  Sept 2019

Integrated Science: The main goal of the course is to help students review and integrate the material from academic classes, prepare them for registration exams and practice though processes that will help them to be more effective treating clients in their future.

Real case scenarios of common systemic and musculoskeletal conditions will be used with reference to indications and contraindications to massage therapy. A portion of classes is dedicated to palpation for review of musculoskeletal structures, nerves and blood vessels. The LA assists in this highly participatory learning environment working with students to bridge the gap between academic and practical knowledge.

The Lab assistant will be present in most classes to assist instructors and students.

  Qualifications: RMT with 2 years experience in the field. Preferably post secondary teaching experience and an interest in continuing education in adult learning.

 Possesses an ability to connect academic learning to practical application and relate that information to the students.  An understanding of CMTBC board exam expectations and an awareness and understanding of the Entry level to practice competencies and Guidelines for foundational knowledge.


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Clinical Supervisor

Posted: 2018-11-01

We currently have an opening for a clinical rotation  supervisor. Clinical  supervisors work one on one with  2nd year students as they treat members of the public through our in reach and outreach programs. They are passionate about massage therapy and eager to share their experience with students in a teaching/mentoring capacity. Good time management,  professionalism, a positive outlook, and an ability to motivate students to do their best work required.   Supervisors are required to be  RMT's in good standing, with a minimum of 2 years of  practice experience.  Come join out team! 

Contact Terry Francis, RMT

Clinical Director


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Posted: 2018-07-27

Resumes are always accepted from energetic engaged instructors and supervisors with a passion for what they do.  

If this sounds like an environment you want to be a part of, we want to hear from you.

Executive Director, Roxanne Petruk  roxanne_petruk@ovcmt.com 

Academic Director, Puneet Arora  puneet_arora@ovcmt.com   academic instruction positions

 Practical Director, Robynne Kingswood  robynne_kingswood@ovcmt.com practical instruction positions

 Clinical Director, Terry Francis  at terry_francis@ovcmt.com  clinical supervision positions