On May 28th, the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of British Columbia (RMTBC) held its  Annual General Meeting (AGM).  It was a great event filled with some good changes! The RMTBC board approved bylaw amendments that introduced a lifetime membership category and revamped the honorary membership category. By incorporating a lifetime membership category, the RMTBC recognizes and honors individuals who have made enduring contributions to the massage therapy profession. This lifetime recognition ensures that these individuals can continue to engage with the association, provide valuable insights, and stay connected with their peers and the industry as a whole. Additionally, the modification to the honorary membership category suggests a more refined framework for acknowledging those non RMT’s who have demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to the profession.

 The RMTBC ‘s eight  member categories, including Regular, Student, New Grad, Retired, Lifetime, Honorary, Associate, and Institutional memberships. The AGM turned out to be a positive and productive gathering, where RMTs got the chance to share their thoughts and have some valuable conversations with the RMTBC board members, Executive Director, and staff.  Our very own Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) Executive Director who has been serving on the RMTBC board for two years, was re-elected for a second term, along with 3 other re-elected members and 1 new member.

 At OVCMT, we  want to make sure our students are well-informed about their future profession. OV has team members sitting on a number of  massage therapy related boards across the country.

 The AGM was all about  productive discussions. RMTs who attended got the chance to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas about the profession and its future. The RMTBC board was all ears, valuing the input of their members. It was awesome to see RMTs engaging with the board, having real conversations, and influencing the decision-making process. This kind of event ensures that the association's initiatives truly reflect the needs and aspirations of the community. Who says meetings can't be fun and fruitful?

Thanks goes out to the RMTBC for a great AGM and congratulations to the new board members.