Considering the Registered Massage Therapy program at OV?

You’re attracted to a challenge. Especially one that brings you into alignment with your dual interests: science and health care.

You’re typically in your early 20s, up to mid-30s, but you may be older or younger. You may be coming from high school, another health care profession,  or an altogether different field. 

You’re a high-achiever, self-motivated, with a strong internal work ethic. You want to make a meaningful contribution to the healthcare system but not necessarily in a hospital setting.  You’d like have the option to run your own business, set your own hours and engage at a deeper level with your patients. You may have university level sciences – like anatomy and physiology under your belt, or you may have the basics, Biology 12 and English 12.

You’re a people person. You’re tactile. You’re fascinated by the human body and find its intricate inner workings interesting. To explore registered massage therapy as your future career, here are steps you can take:


▪  Investigate the  world of massage therapy by  checking out our website and other websites online.

▪  Talk with RMTs in your community about their work. Ask about the rewards and challenges they face as health care professionals.

▪  Visit  the OV campus in downtown Vernon, and take a guided tour of the classes and clinic . Talk with current students and hear about their experience.

▪  Register for one of OV’s Introduction to massage workshops to get  a hands on experience as a massage therapy student.

▪  Take home an information package that answers FAQs.

▪  Relax with a personal wellness massage in our student clinic.

▪  Find out when the next information session will be offered in your home community.


In January 2019,  OV College of Massage Therapy could have your name on its intake roster.