Spring is here and the beautiful weather is calling you outside to bask in the sun…. but you have a test coming up! What should you do?? Study outside of course! Vernon has a ton of great study spots to choose from.  To get you started, first choose a great spot, somewhere safe with good natural light and not too many distractions.  Polson Park is large with many different quiet areas and great parking if you drive.  Kin beach has a fantastic new beach side park with tables to lay out your textbooks and study gear.  That brings us to the second thing you need- Study gear! Bring all the things you need; Books, notes, writing utensils, laptop, snacks of course, and lots of water and sunscreen.  You’ll need a blanket if you want to sit on the grass, or a spot with a table. Choose a spot away from the action to get the most out of your time, or use outdoor study as a chance to practice hands on assessment or special tests and palpation.  Grab a study buddy and head down to the Kal beach, or hit one of Vernon great cafés with outdoor seating for the coffee aficionado.  Only have an hour or so? Head down the street to Justice Park, or hang out on the lawn at the Vernon museum to get in a bit of sun before heading back to class.  Studying in the Okanagan is not to be missed; there are more beautiful places to hit the books outdoors than anywhere else in Canada!!