Last week, the students at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) went to University of British Columbia (UBC) in Kelowna to experience an amazing opportunity. It was a full day of cadaver dissection and exploration of the prosected specimens. The student enrollment in this opportunity  was double over last year, so we had to book 2 days at the UBC campus anatomy lab.

The workshop was well organized and planned. It started with an introduction to dissecting skills, featuring a hands-on opportunity to dissection of the muscles of the back and/or abdominal wall and pectoral region. Students worked in groups for this activity. Later in the day, students learned more about musculoskeletal anatomy. It was a student based learning activity covering the review of lower and upper limb prosections, and the abdominal cavity. All the participating students received a certificate of completion from UBC at the end of workshop.

The workshop enhanced student’s learning – both theoretically and hands-on. Students followed readings from their dissection  handbook, and then took part in the 3D exploration of the human body! Students described it as an amazing experience! They explored the internal fascial connections between muscles and muscle groups, the organs as they were organized into different body cavities, and expanded their understanding of the relationship between muscles, bones and other organs as they fit inside the compact spaces. It helped them to refine their gross anatomy and palpation skills in a small group setting.

OVCMT organizes workshop annually in collaboration with UBC Kelowna campus. Thanks to all who were involved in making it a wonderful event!