Choosing my second career as an RMT and the school’s location was simple, thankfully because fighting for my dream to become a reality was not. In short, I spent a substantial part of my maternity leave applying and preparing for school. Seeking funding and grants felt like a full-time job, on top of my single mom commitments.  I was also in mediation and divorce proceedings while negotiating the ability to relocate with my kids to train for a second career and start life over.


While it was not smooth sailing, I was successful in my endeavors!  I faced roadblocks along the way. I was a single mom with a 4yr old and 1yr old in tow, in a new town starting life over.


At 31yrs old, going back to school was not easy, but it was exhilarating. School challenged and propelled me into the life I  had envisioned for my children and myself.  I felt so grateful and fortunate to be surrounded by staff and students that were so supportive of my needs, and my limitations as a single mom of two little ones. OVCMT was not just a school, but a community of like-minded people who lifted and supported one another to succeed. The learning environment at OVCMT is unlike anywhere else, and it was exactly what I needed to be successful as a mature student, facing daily difficulties and complications. 


Throughout my training, my passion for providing mobile RMT services strengthened.  I utilized the business class to jump-start the process of building a mobile RMT practice, and my strong desire to own my own practice started to become a reality.


I graduated in August, and my website was ready to launch by the time I received my board exam results on Oct 31st. It was either going to be the worst Halloween EVER with my kids or,  as it turned out, the BEST Halloween ever!


It took 9 months of working part-time at a clinic and every possible hour I could find, dedicated to building my practice, to become fully self-employed and financially stable. By the new year, I was able to shorten my available working hours. I took my kiddos out of full-time after-school care and was able to be the one picking them up from school.  I had afternoons with them, and although that meant working weekends, it was worth the trade-off.


It was the best Christmas gift I could give my kiddos; The gift of mom time!!! 3 years later I paid off my student loan and bought a house.  While I have faced some incredible adversity and challenging times, I’ve come out victorious on the other side. Graduating from OVCMT was the proudest moment of my entire life. I am forever proud of and grateful for this amazing and life-changing College. 


Now my time, money, and freedom are in balance and are the gifts I am able to give myself through this rewarding career choice. Nothing worth having comes easily, and the best rewards come after great effort.