Teaching Assistant - Joint Mobilizations

Credentials: RMT
Why I Teach:

I came to working at the school with two reasons in mind. Because of the unpredictability of this career on the therapist's body, I saw this as a great way of prolonging my own time in the field while still utilizing the education and experience I have gained. The other reason is just being in the environment that it presents. When working at the college, it’s hard not to learn new things by being around other professionals. It also forces me to look at what I know from a different perspective due to the amazing questions the student’s present, giving me an overall better understanding of that information. In short, I feel teaching keeps me moving forward in the profession while keeping the foundation of the profession fresh and exciting. Helping others in their advancement to an amazing career is also a major bonus.

What Students May Not Know:

I love to hike and have done several multi day hikes in the okanagan. Several without tents or other provisions (just to see if I could). I am also equally nerdy and creative. I love to dabble in all forms of digital mediums and entertainment.


Kennedy joined the staff at OVCMT as an examiner for several practical exams. He now has a role of teacher assisting in the Joint Mobilization course. Outside of OVCMT, Kennedy works in Kelowna BC at Kelowna Medical Massage.