Katherine Reiber TA:Adv.Techniques

Credentials: RMT, CST
Professional Development:

CST1, CST2, SER1 Upledger Institute, 2 year diploma program for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Body Intelligence. Post-graduation courses in Pain & Trauma Resolution.

Why I Teach:

I love teaching as it is such a great way to learn more myself. Every time a student asks a question, I work on deepening my understanding of the information to explain it in a different way than I explained it a minute ago. I love watching student’s faces light up when they understand a concept, or feel something in their hands for the first time. It’s such a wonderful thing!

What Students May Not Know:

Katherine used to be a competitive gymnast and trampolinist. She was also in a professional circus when she was a teenager.


Katherine began teaching at OVCMT in 2009 as a Practical Teacher for Massage Theory and Practice. She transitioned into assisting Communications and Ethics for a couple of years, and is now teacher assisting the Advanced Techniques course. In addition to teaching, Katherine is the founder of Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio in Vernon, and also offers her private practice from there. She has an area of preferred practice in Craniosacral Therapy and offers continual educational courses as weekend workshops in Vernon, as well as week long retreats in Las Mulas, Chile.