Supervisor- In-reach, LA-Int Sci, TA

Patricia R. Dyck Supervisor- In-reach, LA-Int Sci, TA

Credentials: RMT, “Mami” housewife/homemaker
Professional Development:

Courses in TMJ; Labour, Birth and Postpartum; Anatomy Trains (Myofascial Meridians); and End-Range Loading; Core Strengthening

Why I Teach:

For the love of learning which allows me to be an ongoing student. I want to evolve with the profession and keep my knowledge and skills up to date. My schedule usually didn’t line up with the other practitioners, therefore I am often working independently. OVCMT is the perfect place to stay connected and interact with fellow comrades which has grown into friendships. It’s a safe place to share with and bounce ideas and experiences off of as the staff has such a variety of highly educated, skilled, talented and gifted colleagues. I love being a part of the student’s journey and helping them accomplish their goals and dreams and feeling that appreciation and reward! (Oh, and I love my kids, but I like to have adult conversations and interaction...I like to get out of the kid zone!)

What Students May Not Know:

My kids are three and one. They help take care of our 18 hens. Many of the staff enjoy their eggs (college fund lol) and that is why I am the egg carton lady! I was raised in Lumby. I have a love for nature, animals, travel, language (including MS terms!), adventure, whole body wellness, culture and food! I grew up bottle feeding and sleeping with fawns and other furry babies. Since I skipped a year of school after doing one year of intense high school in Switzerland, I decided to take a year off. After highschool I wrangled for a month for a packing outfit up north of Fort St. John. Then I went straight to work for a year at a 5* Wellness and Spa Hotel in Switzerland, which ultimately sparked my idea to go into this field. A couple highlights are I hiked the Inca trail to Machu Pichu, volunteered at a wild animal refuge in Bolivia, experienced Carnaval in Rio, boated down the Amazon River, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef and completed my open water for scuba diving in the Galapagos. We also love to camp, boat, and ride (motorized or four legged!)


I graduated from the 3300 hour program in 2007 and jumped into a very busy career in Winfield until I had my son in 2014. I also did a few relief jobs at a private lodge at a Heliski lodge in Terrace and a Cat ski lodge. Once I started my family, I did some more mat leaves in Vernon and practiced part time in Lumby and continued to work at OVCMT. I like to be busy!

I am the “filler-inner/Jill-of-all-Trades” on-call for subbing in most practical and academic classes as I have a young active family. I have examined, TA’d and taught CTP. I have been a TA for CA and MS.